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> Hello all,
> I am sending this mail, as I am soon going to be leaving for Kolkata and
> as such a particular incident reminded me how we can do a free of cost
> basic outreach, to spread the word about Wikipedia. The incident occurred
> when I was traveling from Mumbai to Kolkata, just after the conference, and
> not having time to change, I boarded the Duronto with my conference t-shirt
> on.
> The passengers in the compartment I was in, though initially kept to
> themselves, started speaking to each other as often happens on long (28hr)
> train journeys. Very soon the focus shifted to my t-shirt and the resultant
> was that I ended up explaining the world of Wikipedia to them for hours.
> I should mention, it was a very varied crowd and maybe that is why it
> happened. There was a lawyer, a psychiatrist, a scientist, an engineer, and
> a couple others whose occupations were unknown to me.
> I won't say it was very fruitful, or that I showed them any live demo or
> ppt. Rather I focused on a few crucial question which were on their minds:
>    - What is Wikipedia?
>    - Who runs Wikipedia?
>    - Is Wikimedia a sub-project of Wikipedia?
>    - Who edits Wikipedia?
>    - How many employees are there and how many volunteers?
>    - Is it really free? If so, how does it earn money?
>    - Reliability of Wikipedia - If anyone can edit, is it reliable?
>    - Who monitors info?
>    - Copyvio and reliable sources
>    - What do I get out of it, if not money?
>    - Role of a Campus Ambassador
>    - How to edit?
>    - Why edit?
>    - Edit what?
>    - Presence of Indic language wikis
>    - How to edit Indic language wikis
>    - Sister projects like Commons, Wikibooks
>    - Entry of Foundation in India and creation of India Chapter
> However, as it was my first journey, I did not note down their emails to
> follow them up. The number was also limited, only 6. But hey, it was free
> and killed a lot of time, while at least telling people that Wikipedia can
> be edited and it has indic languages as well as sister projects. Hence, a
> sincere request to all Wikimedians. If you are traveling in a long distance
> train journey, try wearing a Wiki t-shirt if you have one. If you don't but
> the audience seems interested go over, say hello and ask where they work.
> When they ask you back, say, "WIKIPEDIA" and see the reaction. That should
> get you started.
> You can always try it. If it fails, then the only thing is you have to
> wash your Wiki tee at most. But at least you spread the awareness. I am not
> saying that this will retain people and inspire them to start editing, but
> at least they might go back and try and look at Wikipedia in a different
> way, or seek out new info.
> Am again going to wear a Wiki tee on my journey, will tell you if i have a
> similar experience.
> --
> Regards,
> Debanjan*
> - Lets make this world a better and more informative place*
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