Hi Folks

One of the essential things that India Program needs to constantly work out is 
keeping the community informed of the work that we are doing - so that this 
work is clearer but also to help cross-pollinate ideas amongst a wider set of 
community members who might not have been engaged on specific village pump / 
talk page discussion or involved in particular activities (e.g. outreach 
events) or wikiprojects.

We used to have a monthly IRC with the community and India Program.   (For 
those who are not familiar with IRC, it is an Internet messaging system similar 
to a regular chat room.  It's very simple to use and you can join in by 
clicking on the following link: 
http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#wikimedia-office.)  I have been remiss 
in conducting these for the past few months - and I'd like to make amends by 
restarting, with a couple of modifications.

a) I'd like to propose fortnightly instead of monthly.  (I was wary of doing it 
any more frequently than monthly earlier because I didn't know if there would 
be enough on the plate to discuss.  I have changed my mind now - because there 
is too much to discuss to cover in a single monthly session.)  I'd like to 
propose that we do it in the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month at 9pm IST 
TIMELINE.  Just for March, we will do it on March 15th and March 29th (both at 
9pm IST which is GMT + 0530)
b) I'd like to propose that we do it focussed on specific work streams instead 
of general.  The reason I say this is that - as with many community meet-ups, 
folks will give time to attend a meet-up or participate in an IRC only if there 
is a topic of relevance to them.  To that extent, we could do one IRC on Indic 
languages and one on Outreach & Communications.  I'd start both the IRCs with a 
re-cap of India Programs activities for the fortnight (or so) prior to the IRC 
and forward from the IRC - and then we could talk about either Indic langauges 
or Outreach & Communications.

The March 15th one will be focussed on Indic Languages and the one on March 
29th will be on Outreach & Communications.  

Having said that, there is quite a bit of overlap on these topics - so feel 
free to join both.  The more the merrier! Please do also invite anyone who is 
interested to know more about India Program or - even more importantly - 
interact with fellow Wikimedians interested in a particular activity to join 
in.  (It's quite a lot of of fun {citation required} - and i've heard a rumour 
{citation required} that there was actually a romance that started on one of 
the IRCs...)

As always, the logs will be put up on meta for the benefit of those who can't 
attend and for the record.

I'll send a reminder on the day of the session and one 30 minutes before the 



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