A friend got in touch with me about this. He is currently seeing
advertisements on Wikipedia pages (on all pages except the home page). Here
is a link to a screenshot:


These advertisements were not visible to him when I asked him to check
through the secure WM server. These advertisements are also not visible to
him on any other web page. To the bottom right of each ad, there is some
text that says, "ads not by this site". I've taken a quick look through the
page source he forwarded, nothing looks untoward. His right-click menu does
not appear when he right-clicks on the ad.

He is based out of Mumbai and ISP is "Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Ltd".
His IP address is (or was, while he accessed this page; I've
since had him change his IP address since I'm sharing this one). I'm not
sure if this issue is restricted to Mumbai; since the IP address shows up
in Pune when I try to geolocate it (though I understand this is fairly

The link he is directed to when he clicks the ad is this:
I'm adding this here and copying the founder of Inkfruit since the campaign
data in the URL parameters may help identify the problem (also, I'm not
sure if Inkfruit is aware of this campaign).

I've copied my friend here in case there are further questions he could
help answer.

Could this be a case of DPI by his ISP, or simply malware on his machine?
If it were the former, what would be the legal status of the issue?
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