Thanks swaroop, you really have done a brilliant job.. Lets hope next time
we get more participants..:)


On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 7:19 PM, Swaroop Rao <> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> You've probably heard about the online "Wikiacademy" that Nitika announced
> around a week ago; we recently conducted that session on Saturday (10 March
> 2012) on Google+ Hangout.
> Six participants signed up  - one informed day before about her absence,
> two did not show up at all, one could not log into Google hangout, one was
> able to attend the first part of the session but then lost his internet
> connection and eventually we had only one participant who attended the
> entire session. That's what happened at the online outreach event organised
> last Saturday, 10th March.
> It wasn't particularly an impressive session in terms of turnout - we were
> expecting all six guys to show up and take part. But even if these 2
> participants show interest and edit on regular basis I'd call this event a
> success - a success rate of 33%.
> I'd like to discuss few things that we should definitely keep in mind
> before we organize similar events:
> 1. Request only those people to register who are sure to have a stable
> internet connection. Some students were trying to log in for the session
> but their hostel/school connections was extremely unstable. Im not sure if
> there is a way for making sure that they have stable connections but it is
> really important. (I can also see where this might be difficult, because
> not many can give any guarantees on the reliability of their net
> connections)
> 2. Invariably we'll have few people who'll drop out at the last moment or
> are not able to join leaving room for someone else to join in. Hence for
> such events we should probable overbook a session. If one drops out,
> another one could attend the session instead. This will make sure that
> we're utilizing our resources and time to the fullest.
> 3. Ask the participants to do a test google hangout a day or two before
> the actual event. This will make sure that the participants are not facing
> any technical issues and can attend the session seamlessly.
> 4. Maybe at the time of registration we need to ask participants for their
> phone numbers. We sent reminders to the participants by way of email but
> yet 2 of them did not show up. It could be that the didn't not read the
> mails well in time. If we had their phone numbers we could have
> messaged/called to send them a gentle reminder.
> 5. We could also send across some useful links and videos for the
> participants to go through before the session. This way participants will
> be warmed up and more informed for the session. It will also give the
> participants enough time to jot down all their queries and get them
> clarified during the session.
> From my personal opinion, online outreach is something that can definitely
> work. Sitting in Bangalore I was able to train guys from Nepal & Mangalore.
> I'm hoping that they'll become active editors in English and in their
> respective native languages. Im really happy to note that at least one of
> them has already edited several articles in the medical space - which is
> his field of study.
> I'd also like to thank Deepon - he'd put in a lot of time and effort for
> helping us conduct this session.
> Many thanks of course to Nitika, who requested me to conduct the session,
> and who was omnipresent throughout the session, and took over from me
> whenever my net connection gave way (Another point: we need to somehow make
> sure that the instructors themselves have a good net connection).
> Hoping to conduct more sessions like these.
> Thanks
> Swaroop Rao
> (MikeLynch <>)
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