I would like to inform the broad community of more glad tidings - we have
two more volunteers who have agreed to coordinate WikiProjects. These are:

* Wikipedia:WikiProject Transport in India - User:Rsrikanth05

* Volunteer coordinator for the Newsletter of WikiProject India -
User:Prad2609 (who doesn't really like titles) :).

We welcome them to their new responsibilities and they are now proud
members of a select club indeed - people who have publicly volunteered to
look after an area of responsibility on WikiProject India.

Please welcome them on their talk pages and not on the list(s).

We would like to remind readers that we are constantly looking for editors
to help with the various departments and task forces. There are more than
seventy more areas needing looking after. And if the project you are
interested in already has one, welcome to it - we need lots of dedicated
voluntees per department or task force not just one.

Warm regards,

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