Hello all,

I am currently in Kolkata, and upon reaching here two days ago, a fellow
community member, Sucheta, had informed me that her college, Netaji Subhash
Engineer College, Garia was organizing a tech fest, Avenir
2012<http://www.avenir.net.in>from 16th of March to the 18th of March.
As such I got in touch with her
college organizers and with Sucheta's help we were able to procure a stall
for free. We might even get a hall if possible.

I really wanted the lab for an edit-o-thon but that is very hard to
procure. I also relayed the message to both Jayanta da as well as WMF
office in Delhi as they had organized an academy in the same college.

We really need volunteers for the event, so anyone who can give their
precious time please do join us. It would be awesome if all you guys came.
I'd really love to meet the Kolkata community also.

What I was planning was that, we concentrate more on uploading pics on
commons, pronunciation drive (i.e. easier ways to contribute than writing
articles) because young people in fests will hopefully respond better to
such stuff. Also wanted to spread the word about WP:India and Indic
languages. I need a lot of help so would really appreciate any volunteers.
Can reward with cupcakes (virtual of course). :)

Please guys, whoever, can, do attend, this will be Kolkata's first outreach
in a fest, if I am not wrong, if its not, then doesn't matter, it will be
an outreach in Kolkata and all of us really need to know what's the right
formula and practice makes you perfect they say. :)

Will create a page about this in en:Wiki and WM-IN soon. See you tomorrow
guys, sharp at 10 am (hopefully). :)


- Lets make this world a better and more informative place*
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