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On Mar 15, 2012, at 8:38 AM, Hisham wrote:

> Gentle reminder. Do join in.
> hisham
> On Mar 11, 2012, at 6:41 AM, Hisham wrote:
>> Hi Folks
>> One of the essential things that India Program needs to constantly work out 
>> is keeping the community informed of the work that we are doing - so that 
>> this work is clearer but also to help cross-pollinate ideas amongst a wider 
>> set of community members who might not have been engaged on specific village 
>> pump / talk page discussion or involved in particular activities (e.g. 
>> outreach events) or wikiprojects.
>> We used to have a monthly IRC with the community and India Program.   (For 
>> those who are not familiar with IRC, it is an Internet messaging system 
>> similar to a regular chat room.  It's very simple to use and you can join in 
>> by clicking on the following link: 
>>  I have been 
>> remiss in conducting these for the past few months - and I'd like to make 
>> amends by restarting, with a couple of modifications.
>> a) I'd like to propose fortnightly instead of monthly.  (I was wary of doing 
>> it any more frequently than monthly earlier because I didn't know if there 
>> would be enough on the plate to discuss.  I have changed my mind now - 
>> because there is too much to discuss to cover in a single monthly session.)  
>> I'd like to propose that we do it in the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every 
>> month at 9pm IST (which is GMT + 0530) - THOUGH NOT THIS MONTH - BECAUSE I 
>> HAVE MISSED THE TIMELINE.  Just for March, we will do it on March 15th and 
>> March 29th (both at 9pm IST which is GMT + 0530)
>> b) I'd like to propose that we do it focussed on specific work streams 
>> instead of general.  The reason I say this is that - as with many community 
>> meet-ups, folks will give time to attend a meet-up or participate in an IRC 
>> only if there is a topic of relevance to them.  To that extent, we could do 
>> one IRC on Indic languages and one on Outreach & Communications.  I'd start 
>> both the IRCs with a re-cap of India Programs activities for the fortnight 
>> (or so) prior to the IRC and forward from the IRC - and then we could talk 
>> about either Indic langauges or Outreach & Communications.
>> The March 15th one will be focussed on Indic Languages and the one on March 
>> 29th will be on Outreach & Communications.  

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