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Date: Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 4:27 AM
Subject: [Internal-l] Wiki Loves Monuments - will your country participate?
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Hi all,
we're well on our way getting started with Wiki Loves Monuments 2012!
(feel free to forward)

For those that don't know what Wiki Loves Monuments is all about,
please read this blog post
on the WMF blog and this page about how the concept works
here's also a small introduction to the main idea of the contest and
what's awaiting us this year.

== Wiki Loves Monuments in a nutshell ==
The photo competition around physical cultural heritage (buildings,
bridges, etc.) is running in  September, organized in numerous
countries around the world. The contest is being organized in each
country separately, allowing to play to the local needs and wishes,
but is joined by an umbrella contest for the whole world making it all
a bit more exciting. Last year the contest was organized in 18
countries, and brought in 165.000 images by 5000 uploaders. More
importantly, 4000 of these uploaders never uploaded anything before!

== Is your country participating? Helping hands are needed! ==
For 2012 already 24 countries
indicated that they will definitely participate, and 16 more say they
possibly will participate. Please take a look at the list, and see
whether your country is already there. If you would like to help
organize this contest in your country, please join the team that
signed up for it (often through a chapter or a local group) or start
your own organizing group if there is none yet! Interested countries
for example include India, United States, Chile, Sweden and Italy.

== So, why would you want to organize a WLM in your country? ==
Well, of course there are the images – it is great to have good images
available of your country. But more importantly perhaps is the amount
of individuals that might participate! Hundreds, maybe thousands of
people who never contributed before can now help out with what they
are best at: making photos. They often find it fun, and might hang
around a bit longer if we receive them well. It also is a good
opportunity to get in touch with local cultural heritage institutions.

Finally, it is a good way to try and forge a local community to
organize events together. It is an existing framework you can use, and
although there are no guarantees, working in an international context
like this (the largest collaboration between chapters and other
Wikimedia organizations so far!) helps a lot to keep people motivated
and close to each other. An international group will be helping
interested groups with the basic infrastructure and other things, and
on a national level, you can focus on the organizing of your own
contest, lists and communications.

== Join the team and get started! ==
If you want to know more, feel free to leave a
or send us an email. But make sure to get started now if you're
interested - because some parts of the work just require quite some
time since external parties are involved. We would be delighted to
help you out in any way possible to pull off this event.

(on behalf of the international coordinating team)

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