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> And can one of you guys write a blog in the blog.wikimedia.org which is
> short and explains how people using A) Java based OS, B) Symbian, C)
> Android can browse Indic WPs (All in one blog which a non-tech savvy guy
> can understand :D )

There is only one way for all those people. Use Opera mini. Read this
blogpost[1] which explains in terms.

There is also a huge growth in mobile stats this month, 100% (estimated)
almost for all Indic projects, which might be happening due to Mobile apps
+ mobile front page update which many wikipedia's did a few days back. It
would be interested to see the source of traffic for these and I guess we
would have more stats would be made available by the Mobile team soon.
Having an input method on mobile will help a lot since many people can
search and explore more pages on mobile as opposed to just following links.
Android phones already have apps for Indic input. Even symbian has some,
but having an on-site typing solution will help a lot just as did for the
desktop site.

[1] http://veerasundar.com/blog/2010/08/regional-font-support-in-opera-mini/
[2]  http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN_India/TablesPageViewsMonthlyMobile.htm

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