This is a report on  Symposium on Wikipedia and also on the launch of
Marathi Wikisource.
Sorry for the delay in sending the report. We were trying to get the
videos and some other URLs from the media. Somehow, the videos are
still not available and there is no point in waiting further. So, here
it is.

On the occasion of  "Marathi Bhasha Divas” which was on 27th February,
a symposium on "Wikipedia" was conducted on 25th February. The program
was conducted by jointly by Journalism Department, Ranade Institute,
Pune University, Pune Union of Working Journalists along with Pune
Community of the Wikimedia India Chapter.

Aim of symposium: Wikipedia has emerged as a major source of authentic
information and its versions in different languages (including
Marathi) are also getting popular. Journalism students and journalists
should not remain only consumers of this huge and resourceful
information, but they should also contribute to it as writers and
editors. This symposium aims to acquaint the participants with various
aspects of Marathi Wikipedia and Marathi Wikisrot.

Marathi Wikisource (mr.wikisource.org) was also launched during the
event. Marathi community volunteers were working for launching the
Wikisource website for a long time. Well-known theatre and film
personality "Amol Palekar" was the "Chief Guest" for the program.

The event was organised in the auditorium of Pune Union of Working
Journalists at Patrakar Bhavan, Navi Peth, Pune. About 150 people
attended the same. Participants were mainly  students of Journalism
and mass communication departments from various colleges under Pune
University, working journalists, students of some other departments
and a lot of media people and the active Wikipedians from Pune. The
program started at about 2:15 pm and ended at about 5:30 pm.
The program started with the welcome message by Dr. Ujjwala Barve who
is the Head of the department. Initial session on “Introduction to
Wikipedia” was done by Sudhanwa Jogalekar. He gave an overview of
Wikipedia, related projects and also talked about the India Chapter
activities. At the end of his session, there were some interesting
questions about the business model and funding of Wikipedia

Next session was done by Rahul Deshmukh who gave introduction to
Marathi Wikipedia.  Rahul came from Mumbai just for this program!!! He
explained the  journey so far and the road map ahead. His session was
also ended with some typical “Puneri” questions like why you do not
give various Government forms on wikipedia?

Futher to this, Mandar Kulkarni gave a talk on Marathi Wikisource.  He
explained the concept of Marathi Wikisource in details and the
difference between Wikisource and Wikipedia. He also explained what
content can be added and what not.
This was followed by Launch of “Marathi Wikisrot” website by Amol Palekarji.

After the launch, Amol Palekar shared his thought  on Wikipedia and
Wikisource. It was nice to know the views from a celebrity and how
they see the content about themselves on Wikipedia.
He also promised to help in adding the  information regarding  Marathi
 Theature in  Marathi Wikipedia and Marathi Wikisource. Marathi
theatre has a long history of about 150 years and this could be some
great project likely to come up soon!!

The last and most. important session was taken care by Mahitgar and he
took the  audience through the various editing practices of Marathi
Wikipedia.. He also  showed the article  of Amol  Palekar and tried to
edit the same in front of him.  He also informed him  that  after the
announcement of the this program, many Wikipedians started editing
Amol Palekar’s article in Marathi and English Wikipedia and it has
taken fairly a good shape now.

This symposium has really helped to make the wikipedians come together
and share their views. It also gave a nice trigger for the journalism
students and also the working journalists to work on Wikipedia and

The event was very well covered by Marathi print and electronic media.
Video coverage by SAAM TV channel was shown on 25th itself and
IBNLokmat channel gave coverage for almost all the day on 26 and also
partially on 27th.
News was  published about the event in Daily Sakal, Maharashtra times
and some other papers too.

Here are some URLs for the pictures and media coverage.

Photos available here:

Recording of IBNLokmat channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvRjALxKwho

Coverage in Maharatratimes here:
Coverage in Sakal here:
Coverage in  Navashakti newspaper here: http://navshakti.co.in/?p=42780

A followup session was conducted in Ranade Institure on 10th March and
a few more hands on sessions are being planned in the coming weeks.

Overall, this was a very successful and well received event with a lot
of interest generated in journalists and media students. Some new
editors are also in the making from this event.

Warm regards,
-Wikipedians from Pune community
(with Rahul and his IITB team in Mumbai)

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