Dear Wikipedians outside India,

I'm writing this specifically to reach out to NRIs / PIOs / Indic language
wikipedians outside India who might be on this mailing list.

It would be a great idea if we could encourage meet-ups and maybe even
outreach sessions in the many cities where we have existing Indian
wikipedians.  We currently don't have a comprehensive list and I'm sharing
this that was started a few months ago and a request to update it

It will help you folks to know about other Wikipedians in your cities and
you can form Wiki-communities.  We find this problem so much in India where
sometimes Wikipedians live on the same street but don't know each other.  I
can imagine that it will be very similar abroad also.

Many thanks

Tinu Cherian

P.S. Due to heavy spam attacks, editing on is enabled
only for email-confirmed users. Anyone is free to create a username on this
public wiki of Wikimedia India. Creating of the
confirming the email address should take less than 10 sec  only :)
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