On March 17, there was a wikipedia hackathon at ThoughtWorks, Chennai.

I participated that event.

There was around 20 programmers joined together to work on building
some interesting applications using wikipedia.

We picked up the ideas form the link.

I picked up an idea of creating an application to record audio for
adding voices to the tamil wiktionary site.

Example: http://ta.wiktionary.org/wiki/tiny

In this page, there is an audio file on how to spell the word 'tiny'

Not all the words in the tamil wiktionary has the audio files.
It has around 2 lakh words.
It is a boring process to record a word, upload to
commons.wikipedia.org and link back to ta.wiktionary.org page.

I wrote an application to make this process easier. It will show you a
word, record it and upload it to commons.

get the source code at

see a demo screencast on the application here:

There are some 13 applications developed and all participants showed
their demo on the same day.
Thanks for yuvipanda and srikanth for organising a nice event.

some snaps:


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