On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 15:58, Pradeep Mohandas

> Are Wikipedians scrutinised at all was my general question, above.

There is something called Requests for Comments. There was a mail recently
about an RfC on a Hindi Wikipedia admin recently. So it looks like
community scrutinizes wikipedians too, at least to me, you can have your
opinion if you differ.

> My only point here was that more community members must join in to make
> sure that a single or a group of Wikipedians do not push POV.
IMHO it would be inaccurate to say single / group of Wikipedians are
pushing POV because others are silent. ("Push" in pushing POV happens only
when there is a resistance), if there is no one else responding to
conversation, it would just to putting forth views.

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