You have hired someone who is paid for this very role. Let that person submit 
their plan of action on all these to the community for comments. Why are you 
posting all of this to us?

Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 11:14:17 +0530
Subject: Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] India Programs Additional IRC: Thursday March 
22nd @ 9pm IST(Open House) (#wikimedia-office)

On Mar 26, 2012, at 11:01 AM, Pradeep Mohandas wrote:Hi,The conversation is 
moving off topic. Perhaps the question to mull over is what to do next?
How do we move the predominance of media coverage beyond mainstream English 
print into local language print and other media channels such as radio and the 
Internet?How do we encourage volunteers from as many Indic communities as 
possible to volunteer for communications activities so that as many languages 
are covered?How do we ensure that news coverage is not all warm fuzzy stuff 
about Wikipedia - but also provides a call to action to potential newbies as 
well as links or contacts that they can reach out?How do we build and expand 
our network of media contacts?How do we build a toolkit for media/PR/social 
media such that community members are able to rapidly deploy to support 
specific initiatives such as Wikiprojects or to celebrate community or project 
milestones?How can we use media to support specific community events such as 
meet-ups or outreach sessions?Can we use media/PR to celebrate editing 
excellence - by showcasing select articles - and also sharing insights and 
invitations into the movement that is behind this content?Can we acknowledge 
individual life / wiki stories of editors to promote editor retention and 
newbie attraction?Can we build a digital outreach model that is effective?  
What will it take - in terms of resources such as online tutorials or videos or 
help pages or chat rooms?How does a digital outreach model not duplicate 
existing efforts already underway or in advanced stages of planning?Can we 
integrate community building into the digital outreach model?How do we 
determine if a language community is able to manage the potential newbie load 
from such a digital outreach model?How do we teach the media about the movement 
and community and projects - given relatively low levels of understanding 
within such an influential group?How do we support a community initiative like 
Wikipatrika in a manner that it remains entirely owned by the individual 
community members - but we are still able to help them?  How do we do this 
without taking away credit and also without building dependence?How do we make 
the India Program monthly newsletters richer and more useful to community 
members?Can we introduce story-telling as a effective means of sharing the work 
that is done by community members such that we are able to cross-pollinate 
ideas?How can social media be used to drive not just attendance of events (such 
as photothons) but can be used to introduce newbies to Wikimedia policies?How 
can we adapt the WikimediaIndia handle on facebook so that it expands in 
popularity - but remains relevant to newbies and more experienced community 
members?How do we build the WikimediaIndia handle on twitter?How do we 
constantly remain on top of trends in social media so that we are present and 
relevant in channels where potential newbies might be?Do we need to localise 
swag and if so what do we do we need?How do we work intimately with the 
Chapter's communications team - but remain accessible to non-Chapter members as 
well?How do we ensure that everything we do on communications is rooted in 
community building and not marketing mumbo jumbo? How do we measure results in 
communications?How do we constantly ensure that everything done on 
communications - which will require the communications expertise - can be done 
in a manner where capability is transferred to interested community members?

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