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> Also, let us NOT mix Social Media with Wikipedia. I don't want people
> posing 'Wl u be mai frnd' on my Talk page.
> Social Media and Wikipedia, is a big NONO.
> I realised this back in 2010 when I was trying to use Twitter to get more
> Wikipedians.

Perhaps you could enlighten the rest of us about how you went about trying
to get more Wikipedians through Twitter?

I suspect that would help the rest of these guys who are trying to use
social media to recruit  more Wikipedians determine whether all of social
media is used only by a bunch of douchebags (who, on finding how awesomely
incredible the community scene is here, will flock to your (and all of our)
Talk pages and post fraandsheep requests (when they find no Wikifraand
button)) so they can quit all their social media efforts


that could perhaps help them determine what they should _not_ do, should
they decide that there are indeed _some_ people who are not douchebags
using social media who have the potential to be recruited to the Wikiverse
(I know- how unlikely)?

Just a thought.
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