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> The Chennai Unofficial Wikimedia Hackathon Report
> TL;DR: 13 completed hacks, including 2 core mediawiki patches, 3
> tawiki userscript updates and 2 new deployed tools. It was super
> awesome and super productive!

+1, it was indeed super awesome!

> 1. Wikiquotes via SMS
> By: @MadhuVishy and @YesKarthik
> Status:
> Deployed live! Send SMS '@wikiquote Gandhi' to 9243342000 to test it
> out! Has limited data right now, however.

They continue to work on making it more simpler, rich by giving an api
which can tweet etc. They also need help with manually entering quotes, if
you are interested, please ping me off list. (TxtWeb is an awesome platform
and lot of people do use it, a fine example being dyk-plugin I wrote at
Mumbai hackathon and never said a word outside this mailing list is getting
30 hits a day, even today!)

> 13. Add 'My Uploads' to top bar along with My Contributions, etc
> (Mediawiki Core Patch)
> By: SrikanthLogic

This was an "easy" patch sitting in openhatch for sometime now.

> Status:
> It has been committed in gerrit (currently unable to find a link).
> Should be merged in soon. Yay!

I should be commit to gerrit soon, still reading through workflow.

> Next Steps
> ==========
> Where do we go from here? Random thoughts:
> More of these? This was pretty much a 'zero cost' event - stickers
> were the only 'cost'. A lot of places around the country would love to
> have their space used for a hackathon of sorts. Should we do more of
> these kind of 'Unofficial' hackathons?

+1, these also make more people aware that they can hack on Wikimedia stuff!

> Thanks due (in random order)
> ============================
> 1. Thoughtworks/BalajiDamodaran: He graciously hosted us at
> Thoughtworks. The biggest challenge for any hackathon is to find a
> nice place which understands what hackathons are, and provides what is
> considered the lifeblood of a hackathon - working WiFi. Balaji
> (@openbala) was incredibly awesome, and this entire thing would've not
> been possible at all without him and ThoughtWorks.

Big thanks to Balaji / Thoughtworks who have always been supportive to
us(The first Wikimeetup in Chennai happened in Nov 2010 @ old thoughtworks
office) Venue was just perfect.

> 3. Srikanth Lakshmanan: The hackathon was his idea, and he made sure
> it was executed in a nice way.

It just happened with @tecoholic asking me "WHY NO HACKATHON IN CHENNAI"
after not being able to attend Mumbai / Pune ones and Sumana asking me why
don't do I help doing one.

Yuvipanda missed to thank himself,for being patient to all my prodding over
a month, adding a bunch of ideas and for being awesome helping everyone at
hackathon and in the process chose not to work on his AssessmentBar
hack.But this made sure a many others completed their hacks :) (Sorry
AshLin, you will get AssessmentBar very soon!)

Most of all, this event was a success because of the quality and
> dedication of the people who turned up, giving up their Saturdays.
> Hope everyone who turned up had a nice time :)

+1 and I do hope lot of them continue to hack for Wikimedia :)

Some pictures here. (Urge to sign in more languages like any other India
hackathon made people use Greek, base64, Morse Code && Yuvi managed to
spell his name right this time! :))

http://www.flickr.com/yuvi (more will be uploaded shortly and moved to

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