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>  A bigger question: On what basis did India Programs zero in on these
> topics for the pilots? Was the community asked whether this is what they
> want? I get the feeling that there is no community ownership whatsoever,
> which is what Pradeep was also talking of.

True. It is glaringly unsettling to see community not being consulted on

> On a larger scale, I suggest that the community must decide what India
> Programs should do on a macro basis with India Programs then being free to
> design pilots/programs within that macro framework. i.e., an annual plan of
> what India Programs is expected to achieve, say in the next financial year.
> Thereafter next year we must have a way of community assessment to find out
> whether the parameters set have been met or not. If they have been met
> there should be some incentive for India Programs - and if they havnt there
> must be some penalty for them, as that will spur them to meet the targets
> set by the community. I am talking of the community at large and not for
> the Chapter EC or Board or Advisors - this must be done by the community as
> a whole.

I think you've made some good points here although it could've been put in
a different way. Agree strongly about the need for community assessment of
India programs to ensure that it actually ends up helping the community and
movement. It is essential to have people from out of the community for any
such evaluation. And yes, it helps to have people who're not part of the
Chapter EC or the India programs or the WMF board/Advisors evaluating this.

Hari Prasad Nadig
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