On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 11:27, Pradeep Mohandas

> The Story Telling and Wikipatrika initiatives that you list here as pilots
> were efforts undertaken by the Chapter.
> IIRC Shiju has been doing the "Basic Community Building" (covering all
aspects of work detail mentioned) for years now with very decent success
without calling it one. Pilot is trying something new / untested. May be
you should call it a program instead of a pilot.

An example of Indic pilot which I can give is conflict resolution /
increasing awareness of Wiki policies / culture to newer/older community
members alike through policy pages and sorting uneasiness between new and
old editors which exist in few Indic wikis. This will lead to fewer cases
of misuse / abuse of wiki-resources against good interest of community /
wikimedia at large.(in effect prevent more cases like the recent RfC on a
Hindi Wikipedian)

Yes, this is a tough task, there are issues in it, but taking up something
like this at least at a smaller level, can be called a pilot, not something
that's been proven successful for years now.


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