I have been watching the list silently for last few months, have discussed
with some of the active members in the community and here is what I feel:

*To the community:*

* There is simply too much noise and politics in this list. I got so fed up
that I chose to receive no mails for some time. Please be aware that this
list is also followed by global community due to the global south
strategy's significance. Should I request that we can behave better?

* WMF India programs, Wikimedia India chapter and the Indian Wikimedia
community are autonomous entities each answerable to their own framework.
The community can express its requirements, give feedback and point out
when the chapter and WMF India programs can do better but we cannot imagine
us to be in a position to control each and every detail of their activity.

For example, questioning the hiring rationale of the WMF India programs is
simply wrong. Do we interfere on such things with the global WMF? Then why
do so with India operations? Such things are completely within the autonomy
of the organization.

If we need something from the chapter, let us join it and participate. If
we need something from the WMF India Programs, let us voice it officially.
For example, Shiju was asking for project proposals from each Indic
Wikipedia community village pump. That will be the best place to partner
with WMF India programs. Not the mailing list. If something can't be done
by WMF India programs, then let us request a grant.

Unless the community is cleary impacted in a negative way, criticising
every activity of the WMF India programs even before they start can only
shatter their morale.

* I don't know the value of the match-stick impact of the first Wiki
conference India. But, let me wait for its report to see if its really
worth the lakhs and lakhs of Rupees spent on it. Until then, I am not so
keen on an annual Wiki conference of the same scale. Let us do the real
work in Wikipedias and improve them instead of spending our time in mailing

*To the chapter and the WMF India programs:*

I expect something bigger and grander from both of these organizations.
They should undertake work that the community can't do by itself or which
doesn't require the community work at all.

Example: Making strategic partnerships with academic, knowlege, corporate
and Govt. institutions for non-IEP purposes. This could be acquisition of
archives under free license or partnering with media / mobile phone
companies to distribute Wiki content.

Right now, there is too much overlap on who does what that ultimately most
of the community work is claimed as work done by chapter or the India
programs. We don't require a chapter or India programs to do what the
community was already doing by itself.  At least, I don't see how this can
justify their annual budgets.

One personal request: I see that too much of your time is wasted in the
mailing list. Be BOLD, communicate / clarify only when required and to the
minimum. Just implement better and bigger programs and delight the
community with good results.


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