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> Hi Wikimedians in India,
> Recently i've been making improvements to the enhanced editing
> toolbar, and especially to its "Special Characters" functionality.


Tamil isn't there in the extension, but I have some feedback / questions.

Does this aim to replace on-screen-keyboard? IMHO its highly unfriendly to
type a name/anything for that matter using it. Its best suited for the
purpose it intended for, i.e "Special Characters" and should not contain
entire char set(at least when Narayam is available, that should
predominantly be the input method). It would be suitable to have actual
special characters which either don't have key mappings on Narayam / other
standard input methods or those which people don't use frequently and hence
might not remember. Example, I would like Tamil numerals[1] which lack a
way in most input methods to be on this toolbar rather than the entire
Tamil char set.

I see Telugu, Bengali already have their char set, and Marathi filed a
bug[2], but the list of languages / order isn't configurable per project,
which means if Marathi gets added tomorrow, they have to scroll down the
list and is unlikely to be very usable at least in Marathi projects since
few people may scroll down and use it to input.

Other than being a first class citizen and being up within the editor, what
difference does this have against Mediawiki:Edittools ?

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamil_Script#Numerals_and_symbols
[2] https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/35112

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