Dear all,

As you might have read earlier, the Gujarati Wikisource was launched
recently on March 27th and is now active with 1000 articles and 1 book
already.  As part of the story telling series, here is the wonderful
a  a journey that started with one member who filed the request to
create Wikisource, 2 members who joined in for their love of Bhajans, and
gradually a group of 6 members who helped reach the 1000 article mark.

The passion and enthusiasm of the Gujarati community members for their
language is very motivating, especially to all Indic Wikipedians who strive
for the same cause. This story will also interest those communities
interested in starting a Wikisource of their own.  Most importantly, it
shows the power of individual community members and how community
collaboration is so magical and constructive!

Thank you,


Noopur Raval
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