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> Not at all OT (unless the rules of this list say otherwise)

The reason I put OT was, we(community) haven't taken any stand if these
affect us, leave alone the decision should we protested against it. So IMO
topic is still OT to the list. This thread can change that state
though. Lets forget chapter, IP since they wont be very comfortable to talk
in public given their record[1][2] and might not be good idea for them to
extend support too.

My intention of forwarding the mail was to get a pulse on 2 things.

1. Scrutiny of the act beyond "Internet Censorship" and more importantly
where it conflicts with wikimedia movement's goals/mission.IMO while
censorship itself is a good reason to run a protest campaign(geo-located
banners if not Anti-SOPA style action). There are many legal experts from
the community, I would love to hear their understanding/assessment of
impact on this. May be someone could put up a page on meta about this?

2. Are there more people who are interested in this, to take this up on
wiki (in form of an RfC?) and would it be a good idea? or staying silent
like we have always been used to is a good thing?

[2] I couldn't get a link on chapter's / IP stand on Maps issue during WCI,
but IIRC both were clearly uncomfortable talking about it.

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