Hey folks

The next India Program IRC (2nd for April) is scheduled for Thursday 19th
April at 9 p.m. IST.  Do join us using this link:

We'll be discussing Outreach, Communications and Education in this one.
Here is what we plan to discuss this time:


Over the past few months we have conducted several outreach sessions and
have been able to curate outreach standard presentation decks, best
practices and tips. Now we want to assist community members in
adopting/adapting these to conduct effective outreach sessions in their
respective cities/languages. We'll be soon working on 2 aspects for
increasing the number of outreach sessions we are doing on Indic languages
but we need your help on this:

1. Start translating outreach supporting documents to Indic languages - To
start with we want Indic language community members to help us translate
outreach documents and presentations to Indic languages.

2. Create opportunities for Indic outreach - We have been mailing/calling a
lot of institutes to organize a Wikipedia session (see list
in their regional language but we have not able to get as many outreach
sessions as we'd like since they feel more comfortable corresponding in
their own regional language. We want help from Indic langauge editors who
are interested to do more outreach in their regional languages/cities to
help us reach out to these institutes.

I'd request all the Indic language editors who want to help us out on
either of the two points mentioned above to show up on the IRC  or write to
us offlist since we'll be discussing ways of doing effective outreach in
regional languages.

*Communications:* *Wikipatrika:*
6 communities (Assamese, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali,Odia, Telugu ) have
already created Wikipatrika pages on their respective Wikipedias. The new
template for Wikipatrika is up
 In tomorrow's outreach, we could discuss ideas and suggestions to make
Wikipatrika more useful. We could also discuss any problems that community
members maybe facing.

*Communications:* *Odia Social Media pilot:*
As proposed earlier,
the social media pilot to support the Odia community members. The end
result of this pilot is to attract more newbies and introduce them to the
Wikiverse. This pilot is to try out effective messaging strategies to use a
platform like Facebook optimally and try to recruit more editors to the
Odia Wikipedia. The most important nuance is that we have built a draft
social media messaging strategy and plan to work closely with the Odia
community to implement it - through the community members.  We hope to
discuss this plan and get your inputs on it.

As always, the first 45 minutes will be focused on these and the last 15
minutes will be open to any other topic.
Hope you all can join us.

(For those who can't join, the logs will be put up the next morning at


[2] http://wiki.wikimedia.in/WikiPatrika/2012-05/Community_News
[3] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/India_Program/Pilot_Designs/Social_Media

Noopur Raval
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