Micro Report on the Edit a thon

The edit a thon happened on the 22nd of April 2012. The scheduled time was
from 1200 hrs to 1600 hrs though editing stopped a good 2hrs early. I
guess, the time was either too long or it was because it was the middle of
the afternoon.

Users, Karthikndr, Netha Hussain, AshLin, BPositive and I were part of the
edit a thon.

The editing we did included, rephrasing segments, rewriting lines,
copyediting, adding and replaceing references.

I even ended up with an vandalism reversion!

User:Netha Hussain added a lot of good images, while User:Karthikndr added
info about terrorist attacks.

User:AshLin and BPositive did some work with references.

I feel that there was a lot more we could achieve with such events.
Maybe they require more planning.

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