Thanks for both the report and these tips for meet-ups; they're very
practical and make a lot of sense. I think they could help us energize and
focus meetups in other cities too...we laugh a lot in Mumbai meetups too :)


On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 9:55 PM, RadhaKrishna Arvapally <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> We had a very successful Bangalore Meetup 45 on 29th April (
> Yes, it is
> the FORTY-FIFTH meetup in the city - which is quite extraordinary by any
> standards anywhere in the world!!!
> As is unique and special about Bangalore meetups, we had participation
> from multiple communities - in this case Kannada, Telugu, English, Sanskrit
> and Tamil.
> In total, we had 13 people attending, including Barry from WMF.
> We wanted to share some tips on how we conducted the meet-up this time -
> which you might find useful as you conduct various meetups.
> a) We invited folks one-on-one, in addition to the posts on the mailing
> lists.
> b) At the start of the meet-up, after the introductions, we asked people
> why they have come to the meet-up - and aligned the meet up accordingly to
> address the question "What do you want to gain from today"
> c) We made sure that EVERY single person talks.  Near the 3/4 mark of the
> meetup,  we stopped everything and reached out to the quiet folks and got
> them to talk - and they had SO MUCH to say!!!  Don't let any one person or
> any one topic monopolise the discussion.
> d) Discuss specific next steps.  Folks get energised when you talk about
> specific next steps.  The ideas we got were so inspiring: wiki summer camps
> for students, Kannada GLAM, Telugu digital outreach model, Sanskrit
> education program!
> e) Make it fun!  We laughed throughout the meetup!!!
> Coming now to the specific things we discussed, here’s a summary of the
> various discussions
> a) Kannada Wikipedia spoke about the Translation Enhancement project - and
> the challenges they were facing getting new users.  It was discussed on how
> we can try and use the Kannada wikipedia facebook group - which now has
> nearly 1800 followers - to see if we can attract new or retired users to
> Kannada Wikipedia project.  This will also require a basic FAQ to be
> updated for Kannada and maybe even an outreach presentation.
> b) Another discussion was to explore GLAM or a school project in Kannada.
>  It was also suggested that we can explore a Wikipedia summer camp - as so
> many students are now on summer holidays.  (This is an idea that will have
> relevance across the country and across communities.)
> c) Wiktionary continues to have potential in Kannada - and indeed other
> languages - and we should explore ways of promoting participation.  This is
> an area where we did not have any specific ideas and we welcome all
> community members who might have some insights to share them for us - and
> for other communities.  Wiktionary (and Wikisource) are great ways for
> folks to get introduced to our communities and projects (because they are
> relatively easy to contribute to.)
> d) A school project was also discussed in Sanskrit - involving 11th-12th
> standard - and we should have some discussions around this.  There are many
> students studying the subject in these years and we must try and explore
> how we can encourage them (and their teachers) to incorporate Sanskrit
> Wikipedia as part of their teaching programs.  It will help energise the
> Sanskrit community and projects - and will make Sanskrit learning so much
> more fun.  Wikisource was discussed as a high-potential project.  Nitika
> and Shiju from India Program will be in touch with the Sanskrit community
> to see how this can be done
> d) All of us discussed with the Telugu community members about their
> ambitions to get newbies into their community and the challenges they are
> facing and it was suggested that an exploration should be done if we can
> try a digital outreach pilot can be done for Telugu.  The basic idea would
> be to have a notice on Telugu Wikipedia that progressively invited those
> interested in learning about Telugu to click through to pages which would
> have a basic outreach presentation as well as FAQs (all in Telugu) and
> encourage them to edit.
> e) Shiju, Nitika & Noopur will be in touch with Kannada, Sanskrit and
> Telugu communities to help out on these initiatives.
> The meeting concluded with a group picture - which is available at this
> link:
> See you in next month’s meetup.
> --
> Thanks & Regards,
> RadhaKrishna
> Next Wikimedia Bangalore Meetup on 13th May
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