Sorry for much delayed report.

On Saurday, May 15th, 2012, Wikipedians and volunteers from Mumbai attended
the 16th Wikipedia Mumbai Meetup. Attendants not only worthy of being the
part of discussion, but also a part of a small party as our very own
contributor Karthik Nadar <> turned
19! We started introducing ourselves. A couple of new visitors joined the
family. We continued with casual Wikipedia talks, including individual
projects and project ideas.

Altogether 10 people were present at the meetup. Contributors like Animesh
Kulkarni <> and a newbie
"Ojas Patole" attended the meetup for the first time and Rudolph
(a regular contributor
at the Commons) for the second time, while we missed few regular attendees
owing to their busy schedule. Going ahead with the Wiki project Mumbai, our
focus this month would be "Chor
We'd be going to Chor Bazaar in a weeks time for information, pictures and
stuffs like that. The new Wikipedians would be a part of this project with

We even discussed the Nehru Planetarium
This might take some time, but we plan to start as soon as the authorities
grant us permissions. A couple of smaller projects are in the list too
which are mostly on individual level (at most group of 2-3).

Towards the end everybody shared their Wikipedia experiences. We departed
around 7.30 p.m. Productive day for sure. Happy too.

(With inputs from Krutikaa Jawanjal<>

(User:Karthikndr) <>
Karthik Nadar.
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