Telugu Wiktionary launched Word Of The Day (WOTD) feature on its first
page[1] yesterday. The series is featuring words as per the Telugu alphabet
with today's word being COW (ఆవు). On behalf of Telugu Wiktionary
community, I  thank  Tejas Jain, Kannada Wiktionarian (user page[2]) for
all the tech help over three weeks in creating and fine tuning the
templates for WOTD and also for updating the first page to give a new look.

This feature has been a long felt need for Telugu Wiktionary and not much
work was done due to lack of competent tech editors in Telugu after the
initial roll out period of 2006-2009. During the recent special Bangalore
meetup with Hisham and Barry, there was a good discussion around the needs
of Indian language wikipedias. I, representing Telugu wikipedia and
OmShivaprakash, Kannada SIG Chair shared the need for fixing the template
problems. Hisham helped us connect with an English Wikipedia Editor with
technology interest. I projected WOTD and  Infobox India Jursidiction
templates (translated into Telugu long time back) as the major need.
However the said editor expressed regret as he is not comfortable with
working on localised tempaltes. Tejas who happened to see the discussion
offered to help out  with WOTD as he has done a similar thing for Kannada.
After two weeks of development and updates based on feedback, the feature
is now released.

Thanks to Hisham for interaction and followups which helped in getting us
connect with Tejas.

We need more of interactions offline and online among the various Wiki
language communities (technical/content) to strengthen our projects serving
information needs of people.

Arjuna Rao Chavala
On behalf of Telugu Wiktionarians.
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