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> There is a palpable jump in the number of redirects created (which adds to
> editing activity) by 273% in February 2012 and 609% in March 2012.  The
> number of redirects have increased from 393 in January 2012 to ~10,000 in
> March 2012.

Each wiki has its own policy on redirects(I am not sure if as has one).
Redirects as a percentage of article will be generally more for Indic
wikipedia's because of multiple factors.They include nature of topics they
cover, a large number of cities / towns in India has multiple names for a
single place. Different people spell the same thing(proper nouns)
differently requiring more redirects. Malayalam, Odia communities have
decided to create English redirects for articles to have usable URLs, so
obviously their redirect count will be more than their article count but
that isn't a bad thing.

Creating redirects is necessary, not a bad thing to do, but am not sure if
as folks are overdoing it considering 10k redirects for 1k articles. But am
not sure how many dialects as has, what other factors made them to create
that many redirects. I would like to hear from them. But if someone is
playing number game (I hope not), it needs to stopped. We have had many
instances of people playing number game on Indic wikis in the past and how
it has negatively impacted / not achieved anything.


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