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> Even these answers would be interesting for me. Hope we get them soon.
> On 2 Jun 2012 11:04, "Anirudh Bhati" <> wrote:
>> On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 1:04 AM, Anirudh Bhati <>wrote:
>>> Noopur, thank you for posting the report.  I have a few questions for
>>> the India Programs team which I have listed under, would appreciate if you
>>> could respond:
>>> 1.  How do you plan on scaling the Social Media pilot beyond your own
>>> networks?

> The Social Media Pilot does not run on our personal networks. However,
>>> given the interstitial nature of social networks, we might have mutual
>>> friends with people. Otherwise, most of these participants are people from
>>> previous outreach sessions and users who had 'liked' our various pages and
>>> activities but did not know what to do after that.

> Coming to the scaling bit, even outside the current network, I welcome you
>>> and all other Wikipedians to help us spread the word and even add a few
>>> friends of yours who might be interested in learning about Wikipedia. The
>>> next steps are to reach out to interest groups on social networks, such as
>>> - and this is purely by way of example - groups that are interested in
>>> railways or modern Indian art, etc and see if the profile of members of
>>> these groups is such that there might be potential new editors and explore
>>> if we can generate curiosity in these members to join our group.

> The work that has been done on Odia and already done (at least building
>>> the group, if not the more methodical approach to encouraging new editor)
>>> on Kannada point to the potential of interest groups. Kannada - for
>>> instance - already has 2000+ members. In both these cases, they drew
>>> members from people who were active or interested in language interest
>>> social groups (in these cases, the interest is the language itself.)

> Additionally, social media is being used in various ways by communities
>>> across India including the Assamese, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam and we
>>> want to observe them, how they reach out to people, what works and what
>>> doesn't before we make more interventions.

>> 2.  Do you believe you can effectively create a mechanism for recruitment
>>> of editors through this project in a manner that justifies the cost and
>>> time involved?  I am asking this because I noticed that you make serious
>>> attempts at trying to convince users to edit Wikipedia pages.

> There is a fine difference between convincing people to edit Wikipedia and
>>> going that extra mile to help them out. In my humble opinion if these are
>>> users who have previously liked various pages of ours and activities, the
>>> former is already achieved. However, if they lost interest or simply saw no
>>> new activity happening on the page, it is useful to tell them we are doing
>>> something new. Unlike physical outreach, we are able to resolve internet
>>> issues, barriers of consumption, familiarity and individual engagement.
>>> Remember how Anirudh and I answered Commons queries for the Ahmedabad photo
>>> walk? I am happy to say that of those we actually ended up meeting 2
>>> (correct me if I am mistaken) long term editors.

> The major effort I put into social media was analysing the way the various
>>> Facebook pages were functioning, what were the challenges & opportunities,
>>> how we could construct a set of guidelines and walking community members
>>> through these guidelines - which I detailed out as part of a very specific
>>> nearly 20 point plan here (
>>> )

> 3.  How many hours per week do you spend on the Wikipedia support group?

> As is with the pervasive nature of social media networks and the stuff we
>>> do on them, there is no way you can tell the actual time spent. I also
>>> answers queries of people on Saturday and Sunday just because I want to
>>> help and that doesn't depend on my office timings. Similarly, as explained
>>> earlier, mentors come in and go out depending on their schedules. Going
>>> further though, we'd love to scale it to a point where only mentors can
>>> handle the group and actually make meaningful relationships with new
>>> editors. I invite you as well to join in as a mentor and would love to have
>>> a Skype call with you.

> Just to give you a sense of what all is happening on Communications
>>> simultaneously - I have worked on 
>>> Wikipatrika<>,
>>> supporting the Malayalam conference, the Assamese 10th anniversary, the
>>> Kannada 10th anniversary, the Nepali 9th anniversary as well as stories
>>> that we have published for the Tamil media 
>>> contest<>,
>>> the Gujarati 
>>> Wikisource<>(and
>>>  Indic
>>> Wikisources<>in
>>>  general), a
>>> profile of 
>>> Netha<>,
>>> press for Wiki Pune club AND worked on social 
>>> media<>.
>>> Of course, needless to mention that I also work on the monthly reports,
>>> press updates, twitter/FB updates, build press contacts for English and
>>> Indic languages in various states and solicit press partnerships. I am not
>>> sure if you know but, Harsh has been trying to get a series of outreach
>>> sessions going in Ahmedabad and I've been trying to get him school/college
>>> participation and even proposed starting a Wiki club in Ahmedabad.  Similar
>>> for Hindi, a few Hindi editors have written to me offlist to see how they
>>> could utilize social media platforms more effectively too.
>> To Hisham and the rest of the India Program team:  I am still waiting for
>> answers to these questions.  They were asked with seriousness, and they
>> deserve your serious consideration.
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