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> Greetings - if any of you are trying to make sense of the recent banning
> of several popular websites by Indian ISPs, Lawrence Liang and I have an
> article in the current issue of Open Magazine that tries to unravel the
> plot:
> http://www.openthemagazine.**com/article/nation/a-**ludicrous-ban<http://www.openthemagazine.com/article/nation/a-ludicrous-ban>

I am writing this since this list is read by many folks outside India who
might think "Internet ban" at varying levels and put to some facts for
people to make some more sense on the banning. Its mostly on 2-3 ISPs in
India, so calling "Internet ban" is slightly exaggerating IMHO. (I owe that
much to my ISP who did not block any of the said websites but get painted
with same brush in the "Indian ISP bashing" game). People are pointing
wrong reasons (copyright bans) while the actual issue is about
incompetence, anti-net-neutrality and self censorship principles followed
by select ISP's.(I need not name them, its well known :)) Anyone who went
through the anonymous list[1] will understand its got very little to do
with copyright to block "Satish Seth" search results. The easy option is to
unsubscribe from the ISP's instead of blaming it on copyright (shooting the
wrong thief, at least this case).

In future, would appreciate if you tag mail such as these with [OT] since
they are not directly related to list but might be of interest.

[1] http://www.medianama.com/2012/05/223-anonymous-india-protest-reliance/

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