Hi, I may be able to come, but I am not sure yet. Yann

2012/6/19 Srikanth Ramakrishnan <parakara.gh...@gmail.com>:
> Just a question.
> Are any proper, experienced community members part of this?
> On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 4:09 PM, Nitika Tandon <ntan...@wikimedia.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We are trying to build partnerships with some of the organisations to set
>> up Wikipedia Clubs. The idea is to run outreach events at institutes or
>> amongst  interest groups that engage people in activities around Wikipedia.
>> Our first such attempt to is to partner with British Council India in
>> Delhi. We've been in discussions with them for the past couple of months and
>> I'm pleased to announce that we'll be initiating a series of Wikipedia
>> workshops for some of the British Council's library members with the desired
>> end result to set up a Wikipedia Club that will organise regular activities
>> around Wikipedia at British Council. The basic objective of the club would
>> be to:
>> Organise regular activities to increase the level of editing activity by
>> club members. This could be in form of edit-a-thons, photo-thons, starting
>> wiki projects based on common interest etc.
>> Organise regular outreach sessions to recruit more club members and expand
>> club size.
>> Organise regular fun activities to keep high level of enthusiasm and
>> spirit amongst club members. This could be in form of trivia nights, games
>> night, meet ups, field trips, museum trips etc.
>> To begin with we'll be conducting three sessions with the same group of
>> attendees. The first session will aim to brief all about workings of
>> Wikipedia, editing rules and talk page protocols etc. The following sessions
>> will be dedicated to only those participants who'll be willing to and
>> excited to get more involved in Wikipedia. We'll provide them additional
>> support to better understand Wikipedia editing and our community. And the
>> third session will aim to formalise a Wikipedia Club at British Council
>> where we'll provide ideas to the club members to organise regular activities
>> like edit-a-thons, photo-thons, games and trivia nights, museum visits etc.
>> We've built this 3 level outreach program to make sure that club members
>> will be better equipped and trained to organise club activities by
>> themselves and will be able to conduct regular outreach activities within
>> British Council (for members of movie clubs, writing clubs etc.) to further
>> expand their club size.
>> The first session at British Council is scheduled for 23rd June from 10am
>> to 1pm.  All are welcome to help run the session. Will keep you all informed
>> on the outcome of the session and next step thereon.
>> Thanks
>> Nitika

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