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On 19-Jun-2012, at 6:49 PM, Ravishankar wrote:

> Hi IEP, 
> I don't understand the involvement of "India programs" in developing "Simple 
> Wikipedia".
> I have never seen Simple Wikipedia coming up in search results or anyone 
> using it from India. (Please let me know the visitor stats for the project 
> from India if this could be considered an Indian language Wikipedia.)
> It has around 15.2 M page views per month "globally". 
> To put it in context, Hindi Wikipedia has 6.2 M page views per month. So, 
> what is the point of spending resources in the name of India programs? Which 
> Indian is this program going to benefit?
Involvement of India Programs comes into play since the program will run in 
India with an attempt to bring new editors from India and thereby increasing 
India related content on Wiki projects. One of the important aspects of the 
program is to continuously encourage these new Indian editors to continue 
editing beyond their in-class assignments and India Programs will work on 
setting up Wikipedia Clubs with this intent. 
> If this is done with an idea of being a safe place to experiment with the 
> hope of some editors migrating to en and other Indic language Wikipedias:
As mentioned in the post as well, one of our main reasons to approach Simple 
Wikipedia community is that they are extremely welcoming and supportive to new 
editors, especially towards students. In a sense, the vision of IEP and Simple 
Wikipedia have common ground in the belief that students can become long term 
editors through right kind of support. 

In addition to this, Simple Wikipedia is suitable for new editors whose mother 
tongue is not English. Though most IEP students will be comfortable reading, 
writing and speaking in English, it is not their first language. They will not 
be able to use complex words or frame big sentences — which is great for Simple 
Wikipedia project.  However, like any other Wikipedia editor, after the 
in-class assignment students will be free to move to any Wiki project that 
appeals to them.
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