This is really amazing  Happy to see people of Delhi working on so many
languages :)

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> Hi All,
> I wanted to share an update of a fantastic weekend in Delhi.
> Saturday morning, 8 community members (3 existing and 5 new editors) on
> Hindi Wikipedia met up at Crafts Museum to meet each other and collaborate
> on Crafts GLAM project.  The meeting started with a round of introductions,
> including short talks from the existing editors of how they got introduced
> to Wikipedia and what keeps them motivated to edit and what kind of
> articles they edit.  There's a separate blog post about the Crafts Museum
> GLAM project that's coming out shortly - but a quick summary of the meet
> up.  4 of the 5 new editors edited.  They improved the articles on a type
> of sari, a kind of metal handicraft, a class of textile and added content
> to the Crafts museum page on Hindi Wikipedia!  Pictures are uploaded 
> here<,_New_Delhi_7_July_2012>.
>  User: अनिरुद्ध, User:Siddhartha_Ghai and User:Roboture inspired and guided
> the new editors.  User:Anilbhardwajnoida, a Museum staff member, was
> specially congratulated for his really good contributions (after starting
> to edit only a couple of months ago.)
> Saturday afternoon, 17 community members (2 existing and 15 new editors)
> on English Wikipedia met up at the British Council.  This was the meeting
> of the British Council Wikipedia Club members and this was a follow-up
> session to the initial Wikipedia introduction sessions conducted a little
> while earlier.  10 of the new editors edited - including creating a new
> article of a locality in Delhi and Indian chewing gum brand, improving the
> articles of a famous Delhi landmark and a Delhi school as well as building
> on the articles of an Indian architectural element and a kind of darshan
> dating back to Akbar's time!  They also added content on a couple of local
> food items and a couple of pictures on Commons! User:Theo10011 &
> User:Hisham helped new editors on a whole host of queries they had.
> Sunday morning, 5 community members (2 existing and 3 new editors) on Odia
> Wikipedia met up at Hauz Khas.  A WikiWorkship was conducted.  A journalist
> who attended covered it in the The Political and Business Daily.
>  Additional WikiWorkshops and press coverage were planned in Delhi.
>  Pictures are uploaded 
> here<>.
> A new editor created an article about a traditional Odia food.
>  User:Rashmirparida and User:Psubhashish conducted the session.
> Sunday afternoon, 14 community members (2 existing and 12 new editors) on
> Malayalam Wikipedia met up at Hauz Khas.  A WikiWorkshop was conducted for
> the participants who included 3 women, 1 school student  and 1 retired
> person.  They also discussed a potential partnership with the Malayalam
> Mission in New Delhi, as well as follow-up outreach session.  This meet-up
> was covered in the leading Malayalam newspapers, Malayalam Manorama and
> Mathrubhumi.  Pictures are uploaded 
> here<>.
> User:Subeesh Balan and User:Shijualex conducted the workshop.
> I hope there are more meet-ups in more languages in Delhi and other cities.
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