I just saw this thread, sorry for reviving it. I had something I wanted to

First, I'm sure this was incidental, but I can't be the first one who
noticed this A-Team reference -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIfuaUTH9Y4 (There
was a recent movie too, but most anglophones think of that show when a
reference to the A-team is made. ;) )

Second, I have met Tinu once very briefly, but I've known of him for almost
2 years. To be frankly honest, I'm not one of your fans and that is fine.
But you have been doing good work, and it would be a net loss to everyone
to not have you there. I can understand family commitments and time
constraints, but instead of this complaining departure, I would hope you
remain involved, like Gautam.

I suppose I shouldn't bother pointing out the irony of running in an
election and complaining about politics later. Any elected position is
inherently, a political one, how much, is usually the question. My personal
opinion is, that being on the board of a chapter burned you off a bit and
you need a short break to recoup. I hope you consider that.

I really don't like indirect references, and veiled allegations. As for the
"A-team" or any other team, I have one guess who you are alluding to, it is
really not subtle. But I would like to make one thing clear, as far as I'm
concerned, I have absolutely no problem repeating whatever I have said
about you or anyone here, be it about you, IP, Hisham, Barry or anyone
else. You are on some of the other lists, so you know what I mean.

My allegiance is not to anyone, be it the IP, or even the chapter - it is
to what I think is right. Just for the sake of clarification, my only
involvement with the chapter this year was limited to informing them about
my nomination for the WMF board, which if I recall, I emailed you too,
along with a couple of community members not on the chapter board. Before
that, was about the IEP last year, when you said there is no difference
between me and Hisham, and I said "you pissed me off" in a private email to
the chapter. That is the extent of my dealing with the India chapter or you
for that matter, any other allusions might very well be fabrications.

Anywho, in light of your concern in your departure blog about the IP,
instead of the community, or any larger goal, I would also like to suggest
you reconsider joining the IP. I honestly mean that. Either way, I hope you
remain involved in some capacity.

Best regards

On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 4:27 PM, CherianTinu Abraham

> An Adieu to the @WikimediaIndia Movement
> http://dreamingcherries.com/2012/07/adieu-to-the-wikimedia-india-movement/
> Thanks all....
> Regards
> Tinu Cherian
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