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> discussion running up to these changes. My specific concern is how the
> Chapter would evolve going ahead from here, and given that CIS has helped
> the Chapter activities in the past, what role CIS plans to play in
> strengthening the Chapter - whether there would be efforts to strengthen
> the organization or such.

Please don't worry on that count. CIS will maintain status quo w.r.t. to
Chapter relationships. Whatever facilities/services are currently being
provided to Chapter and have been provided to the Chapter in the past -
will continue to be provided from CIS's core-funding. These services will
continue beyond the 22 month period of this grant and for as long as we are

For WikimediaIndia-l users, just a note that I had earlier posted a
> response to Barry's email here:
As mentioned in my first message to the list - CIS is very committed to
increasing the accountability and transparency of this particular grant and
also the organisation as a whole. For example - to control travel related
costs - CIS could publicly disclose the list of hotels in each city that
are affordable at our per diem rates - these hotels will be used by all
staffers including the A2K team. For greater transparency around staff
travel - we could provide demand-based access to the staff calendar
including the A2K team. In other words, if you wanted to know what I or any
member of the A2K team was doing or will be doing on a particular date -
you could email our publication's manager and he would tell you. Hopefully
measures such as these will increase the bang you are getting for your
buck. I hope you will also point out other areas where we could make
improvements as CIS.

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