Congrats Srikanth!

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From: Alolita Sharma <>
Date: 2012/8/1
Subject: [Wikitech-l] Welcoming Srikanth Lakshmanan to the i18n engineering team
To: Wikimedia developers <>

Hi All,

Please join me in welcoming Srikanth Lakshmanan as outreach coordinator/QA
engineer (contractor) in WMF’s Internationalization (i18n) / Localization
(L10n) engineering team. As the team’s technical liaison, Srikanth will be
actively reaching out and working with our language communities to get
feedback on new i18n/L10n features being planned or rolled out to Wikimedia

Srikanth hails from Chennai, India. He has been a Wikipedian since 2006 and
identifies himself as a wikignome (User:Logicwiki). Srikanth has provided
language support for Tamil Wiki projects and loves to file bugs (and
occasionally fix them) when he sees languages are not properly supported.
Srikanth has recently revived his blogging habit at His
other interests include cycling, travelling in buses, playing table tennis
(aka ping pong). Srikanth is excited to be able to contribute his tiny bit
in making a sum of all human knowledge more accessible and helping build a
more multilingual web! Check out some of his work on Tamil scripts and
consonants at

Srikanth can be reached on email at or as
@srikanthlogic on our irc channels including #mediawiki, #wikimedia-dev and

Welcome Srikanth! It is great to have you on the i18n engineering team!



Alolita Sharma
Director of Engineering
Wikimedia Foundation
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