Dear Members & Community:

After scrutinising nominations received for elections to the vacant EC
posts at WMIN and publishing the draft list and following the
completion of due date for withdrawals, if any, we here by announce
the final slate for the Elections.

The final slate consists of the following members (in alphabetical
order of their first name) who are contesting for the five vacancies
on the EC. We thank all the candidates and members for their active
response to the call for nominations and wish the candidates all the

Abhijeet Safai
Karthik Nadar
Nikita Belavate
Prabhakaran Viswanathan
Pranav Curumsey
Shantanoo Mahajan
Sivahari Nandakumar
Sohan Maheshwar
Srikanth Ramakrishnan

The following nomination has not been found valid as the nomination
form was incomplete.

Rajat Jain

Sundar and I will communicate a Question and Answer process for the
candidates with members and community.

The ballot forms along with AGM notice (scheduled for Sep 23) will be
sent shortly by the Chapter to all the eligible voters. We do hope all
members eligible to vote will do so  by Post or in person (during the
AGM) and help shape the future of the Chapter.


Gautam & Sundar.
The Election Committee
Wikimedia Chapter

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