Hello everyone,

In past couple of weeks somehow I came in touch with few guys (SEO,
Application developers, Bloggers etc) who desperately wanted an article for
themselves or their company on English Wikipedia. I understand their need
for advertisement, but somehow few of them just can't be convinced that WP
is not the place for advertisements. In this recent quest I got to know few
astonishing things. Firstly, there are companies in market who actually
claim to WRITE articles for them on WP and take money for it. Second,
People actually do PAY for this. If the article gets deleted then in some
cases these companies give customers money back stating some crappy reason,
and not clearly saying that why and how did it get removed from Wikipedia.
Getting more into this I also came to know about a company which claims to
build sources and reference for you which can support your article, I don't
know how, but it does at least claim so.

I am sure other community members might have sometimes faced this and some
of them might know something more about it. Care to share your word please?

Arnav (ricku).
(User:Rangilo_Gujarati) <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Rangilo_Gujarati>
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