All the very best Bishakha. I hope the number of women editors increases by
a considerable margin!

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> Date: Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 3:29 PM
> Subject: Meeting to plan wiki workshop for women - Sunday 16 Sept
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> Dear all,
> Sorry for the short notice, but was trying to get enough women editors
> from Mumbai involved and find a venue - both are on track now, so this can
> happen.
> Am writing to invite the Mumbai wp community to an informal meeting Sunday
> 16 Sept to plan a wiki academy or workshop for women in Mumbai.
> Here is where I am coming from: In my day job, I run a non-profit called Point
> of View <>, which promotes the points of view
> of women through media, art and culture. In this capacity and others, I
> routinely come across women, including other NGOs working with women, and
> with women bloggers and others active on social media. Many of them have
> expressed a tentative interest in editing wikipedia, but are stuck at this
> place. Pranav and I visited one such org in Mumbai earlier this year, but
> it's too time-consuming going org by org.
> Instead, I propose that we start with an introductory workshop for
> interested individuals/organizations and then perhaps follow up with those
> who are more interested...hoping to do the introductory workshop sometime
> in November. And hoping that each of you can similarly invite interested
> women to the Nov workshop.
> This is a working meeting devoted to planning this workshop. If you would
> like to be part of it and help reduce the gender gap at wikipedia, please
> do come!
> The meeting will be held at 4 pm on Sunday 16 Sept at Pinstorm's office
> (many thanks, Netra for offering us this facility).
> *Pinstorm, Swati Bldg,
> North Avenue,
> Santa Cruz (W)
> Bombay 400 054
> Phone: +91 22 6739 3888*
> There is a map here <>.
> Cheers
> Bishakha
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