"This week, we shine the spotlight on the Indian Cinema Task Force, a
subproject that seeks to improve the quality and quantity of articles
about Indian cinema. As a child of WikiProject Film and WikiProject
India, the Indian Cinema Task Force shares a variety of templates,
resources, and members with its parent projects. The task force works on
a to-do list, maintains the Bollywood Portal, and ensures articles
follow the film style guidelines. With Indian cinema celebrating its
100th year of existence in 2013, we asked Karthik Nadar (Karthikndr),
Secret of success, Ankit Bhatt, Dwaipayan, and AnimeshKulkarni what is
in store for the Indian Cinema Task Force....."


I also saw in that page's "News In Brief" section: "WikiProject India is
looking for a new coordinator for the project's Collaborations of the
Month" so feel free to spread the word!

Sumana Harihareswara
Engineering Community Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

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