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> Hi Hari, Arun, Pratik, Srikanth, Karthik,
> Similar to the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:INCOTM/ project, we
> run a project in Tamil Wikipedia called Colloboration of the Week. I was
> co-ordinating it for few months. When I got busy, I intentionally let it
> unupdated for a week  to see it picked up by another Wikipedian. He was
> also the guy most involved in this project from the beginning. I asked him
> if he is willing to take the responsibility and he said yes. That's it. I
> have seen many such smooth handovers for various jobs done in our Wikipedia.
I'm not much aware of how the project in Tamil Wikipedia functions. Well,
INCOTM on en.wiki is something huge. The reason I sent out this mail on
this mailing list (after getting approval from Ashwin Baindur) was to
inform the larger community. I feel sad to repeat the same thing again and
again. Also, my method of working is different from yours. I feel that I
should not just "handover", but ask everyone if they wish to apply for the
post. If yes, let the people who are participating in the COTM's vote for
them. This is how I work and will continue to work in the future, seeking
everyone's opinion.

I could have easily called up any of my friends and they would have agreed.
But someone might be interested as well and would feel bad later on not
even being asked whether he/she wants to apply.

> In this context, I was surprised why Pratik calls this a "post" and had to
> send a "resignation note" to the larger mailing list and open "nominations"
> for successors. May be it is En Wiki practice but I found this too
> complicated for a simple situation.
If you dint like those words, I'm sorry.

> If one cannot find a suitable coordinator from the members of the project
> listed at
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:INCOTM/Members

> I wonder how a newcomer to the project will be fit to coordinate it.

We are in the process of finding one. Hold on.

> This is a regular Wikipedia activity which is best managed within talk
> pages and project noticeboards. This isn't a photo walk or a Wiki workshop
> to hope if more people can join us through mailing lists. Even if you go by
> that logic, if every regional Wikipedia starts mailing this list for
> coordinating on wiki tasks, then it will be total mess.
> Look, I'm short of time and sending on this list gives me no pleasure.
There was a reason and a motive behind this, which I and other members have
been repeatedly telling you.

> I respect every one's opinion that mails like these are within the scope
> of this list. If I continue to find such mails, I will simply unsubscribe :)
> Even I respect your opinion, and I mean it. But I find this conversation
is going somewhere else. The purpose was to get a new co-ordinator. But we
are discussing what should be on this list and what should not.

I leave this conversation, peacefully.

Warm Regards,
*Pratik Lahoti*
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