> Several communities which function online use the mailing list as the
> primary source of communication and coordination. Ideally, the Wiki
> talk/coordination pages could/should be used for such activities but
> the downside is that a person has to be subscribed to individual page
> updates to be able to know that some discrete activity has happened
> and this is feasible for only expert wiki contributors and I am not
> sure if we are yet at that ideal level of expertise.

Isn't English Wikipedia the most sophisticated and evolved one?  Hint:
Watch list.

If someone is not actively following a project, then how is he fit to
coordinate it?

Further, Wikipedia works on the community model and as you have
> acknowledged most wikipedians on this list are not averse to such
> mails.  There is also a delete option in our email clients which allow
> us to delete mails which we do not want to read.  I hope you can
> appreciate this and take a decision which is best suited for your
> interests.

I wouldn't have brought up this conversation if this was just a spam issue.
I simply felt that coordinating an on-wiki task through mailing list is not
a best practice.
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