I am Swetapadma Satpathy working as a programme Manager in RD department,
Govt. of AP. I am staying in Hyderbad since 1.6 yrs.  Though I knew about
Wikipedia, but since last 6 months I started writing articles for Wikipedia
thanks to the motivation of Subhashish Panigrahi, one of the Odia
Wikipedian working in Wikipedia foundation. In Hyderabad city large
population of Odias reside and work in various sector.  We have several
Odia friends who write very  good articles in Odia language too. This led
us to plan for a Wikipedia workshop for the Odias staying in Hyderabad.
With the help and guidance of Subhashish, we planned to organize the Odia
Wikipedia workshop in Hyderabad. The date was finalized, so  was the venue.
But it came as a matter of concern, when I came to know that roads would be
blocked due to Ganesh idol immersion followed up by Telangana Bandh.  But
Shree  Ganesh, being considered as the  destroyer of evils and all
obstacles , how could He  create problem for  our workshop ? To our utter
surprise11 people turned up for the workshop. (yeah!! It was no less number
as per the wikipedian  Subhashis) . The workshop though scheduled at 4.00
PM started at 4.30 PM as several participants got late due to road blocks
and continued up to 7.00 PM

Another Odia Wikipedian  Amaresh also supported for the event. We started
the workshop around 4.30 pm. We both introduced ourselves and asked our
participants to introduce themselves.  We started the programme by
explaining the basic question” WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF THE WORKSHOP?”

Then a  ppt was presented and print out of the ppt was also distributed to
the participants for future reference.( the
History and current status of Odia Wikipedia and how it evolved. During the
course of presentations participants were encouraged to ask various
questions e. g.  If there is any Admin from Wikipedia group for approving
the article etc.

To create more enthusiasm among the participants, we asked them to come
forward and create their user account. We wanted the programme to be more
participatory rather a preaching session. Then we started demonstrating
them editing Odia wikipedia. 6 of the participants created their accounts
and started editing various articles from their home town to eminent
personalities such as P. Gopichand.  This session continued  for 2.30 hrs.
After the end of the session it was  demonstrated how they can ask
questions in Chatasabha (, a newbie support
desk on Odia Wikipedia after they go back home.

All of them were invited to join  facebook group ( and share their ideas and take
help. For this emails and contacts were exchanged among the participants.

And of course, at the end we shared hot* samosas* with hot tea cuppas
available in *Lamakaan*

This was the first Wikipedia workshop we  have conducted and it was just so
fulfilling. We hope to conduct a bigger event in near future with more
number of volunteers joining the Odia Wikipedia group.

Wishing you peace and love,

Swetapadma Satpathy


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