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On 25-Oct-2012, at 6:55 PM, Arnav Sonara wrote:

> Great to see the combination of vivid age range !!!!
> Congratulations to all of you. Good luck ahead.
> On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 6:48 PM, Arjuna Rao Chavala <> 
> wrote:
> Dear Members and Community,
> At the outset, on behalf of Wikimedia India Executive Committee for 2011-12, 
> I would like to thank you all for the support for the Chapter during the past 
> year, as we strived hard to complete the boot strapping phase of the Chapter. 
> I am glad to report that the boot strapping phase is now complete, as the 
> Chapter is financially healthy, staffed and has conducted AGM and Elections 
> for EC vacancies successfully, apart from spearheading Wiki Academy events 
> and partnerships with various stakeholders. I would like to place on record 
> my thanks to all co-founders and EC team members,volunteers from members and 
> community, Achal, Bishakha, WMF staff,WMF board members, Manuel Schneider and 
> partners and consultants for all the contributions and support towards 
> reaching this important milestone.
> Recently we had inducted the newly elected EC members with an EC induction 
> program at Bangalore. As part of it, we have completed the office bearer 
> elections for the 2012-13. I would like to introduce the new team that has 
> taken charge.
> Sudhanwa Jogalekar
> Sudhanwa Jogalekar is an IT professional with expertise in Information 
> security, system administration, IT infrastructure management etc with over 
> 27 years experience in the industry.  He is an Electrical Engineer from 
> College Of Engineering, Pune with 2 additional management degrees and a 
> professional certification of ISO 27001 Lead Auditor. He has done many 
> projects for corporates, SMEs and Academic Institutions for IT 
> infrastructure, Information Security, E-learning etc.
> He is a well known FOSS evangelist in India and has been promoting FOSS for 
> the last 13 years. He has been co-ordinating PLUG (Pune GNU/Linux Users 
> Group) for many years and conducting workshops, seminars, trainings in/around 
> Pune and other places across India. He has contributed to Indic computing 
> activities (Marathi/Devanagari). He has released a Marathi font family for 
> free.
> He is active on various technical and non-technical groups and helped promote 
> Wikimedia projects. He has organised a complete track on Wikipedia activites 
> in GNUNIFY 2011. Apart from organising various events and activities related 
> to Wikimedia(like launch of Marathi Wikisource, participating in CMDA expo 
> etc.), he also co-ordinates regular meetups of Wikipedians in Pune 
> (WikiPuneri).
> Being a photographer he is involved with various photographers groups and is 
> active in Photographic society of Pune.
> He is elected to the Executive Committee in September 2011 and served as 
> Chair of City/Language SIGs till Oct 2012. He is elected as President in Oct 
> 2012.
> More details available on his website
> Email: sudhanwa [at]
> Wikimedia username: sudhanwa
> Twitter: @sudhanwa
> Facebook:
> Karthik Nadar
> Karthik Nadar is a final year B.Com student from Mumbai, specializing in 
> Banking, financing, accounting and insurance. He started his contributions to 
> English Wikipedia in mid 2010 and became very active from the following year. 
> In English Wikipedia, Karthik has more than 18K edits and so far has 
> contributed for 10 Good articles. Started working on Indian film related 
> articles, he later on ventured on into political, India and Mumbai related 
> articles. Karthik is autoreviewer, rollbacker and filemover on the English 
> Wikipedia. He also serves as coordinator for WikiProject Mumbai. Karthik is 
> also active on Wikimedia Commons, where he has uploaded hundreds of images 
> and has an edit count of 1,250. He has fixed some small templates and layout 
> issues on Tamil Wikipedia and contributed few articles in Hindi Wikipedia.
> In 2011, he was featured on Wikimedia Fundraising banners. Subsequently he 
> became active in Wikipedia Mumbai community and contributed towards 
> organizing second Photo-thon in Mumbai and few other events. He volunteered 
> to be part of core team for organising "Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in India" 
> and played a key role along with Naveen Francis in making it a success.
> He is elected to the Executive Committee during September 2012 and current 
> serves as the Secretary.
> Apart from his contributions to Wikimedia Movement, he is an aspiring photo 
> journalist and a passionate drummer.
> Wikimedia username: Karthikndr
> Email:
> Twitter: @Karthikndr
> Facebook:
> Anirudh Singh Bhati
> Anirudh Singh Bhati is a technology lawyer based in Ahmedabad.
> He is a contributor to Wikimedia projects since January 2006 and is mostly 
> active on the English Wikipedia project where he is also an administrator. He 
> is one of the founding members of Wikimedia Chapter (India).
> He currently serves as the Treasurer.
> Wikimedia: Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington
> Facebook:
> LinkedIN:
> Email:
> Nikita Belavate
> Nikita Belavate is a pre-final year student of 5 year M-tech Integrated 
> degree in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. She is based in Mumbai.
> She attended 'Wiki-Conference India' held in Nov-2011, which gave her the 
> exposure to Wikipedia Community at large. She was inspired by the event and 
> became active English Wikipedian in December 2011. She helped conduct 
> meetups, photo-walks and outreach sessions in Mumbai. Her interests include 
> encouraging and improving women participation in Wikipedia and other projects.
> She is elected to the Executive committee in Sep 2012 and is the first female 
> Executive Committee Member to serve on board of 'Wikimedia India'. She 
> currently serves as Member
> Wikimedia User Handle: Nikita
> Email:[at]wikimedia[dot]in
> Facebook: nikitabelavate
> Pranav
> Pranav is a Consultant in the field of Marketing Management based in Mumbai 
> and currently works with a Social Media firm.. He has been associated with 
> the Wikimedia Movement since 2006 as an editor and image contributor. He 
> holds a B.Com degree from the University of Mumbai and an MBA from 
> Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow. Pranav served as the Chairman of the 
> Organising Committee for WikiConference India 2011 (WCI) organised jointly by 
> Wikimedia Mumbai Community and Wikimedia India, with active involvment of 11 
> teams consisting of over 50 volunteers. He was granted a Fellowship from the 
> Wikimedia Foundation for this task. Apart from WCI, Pranav has been one of 
> the few Wikipedians instrumental in hosting of several community Meetups, 
> Photowalks, Workshops and Academies in Mumbai.
> He is the first person to sign up as a member of Wikimedia Chapter using 
> electronic funds transfer of membership fees. In September 2012, Pranav was 
> elected to the Executive Committee of Wikimedia chapter and currently serves 
> as Member. In addition to this he devotes time to other 
> charitable/philanthropic activities as well,serving as a Member of the Board 
> of Trustees of four Mumbai based Public Charitable Trusts which operate in 
> Health, Education and other functional areas.
> Twitter: @Curumsey
> Email: pranav [at] wikimedia [dot] in
> Srikanth Ramakrishnan
> Srikanth Ramakrishnan is a 20-year old student based out of Coimbatore, 
> Chennai and Bangalore. He has been a contributor to the English Wikipedia 
> since 2005 and has been a regular at Bangalore meetups since 2009. He has 
> also held various outreach sessions across Tamil Nadu. On Wikipedia, his 
> primary interests include editing transport, Indian economy, JAVA programming 
> area articles.
> He is elected to Wikimedia India Executive Committee in Sep 2012 and 
> currently serves as a Member.
> Wikimedia: User:Rsrikanth05, en-wiki User page
> Email:
> Viswa Prabha
> Viswanathan Prabhakaran is an engineer, project manager and technology 
> consultant by profession. After acquiring his B.Tech. in Electrical 
> Engineering from the Government Engineering college, Thrissur in 1986, he 
> initiated his career in computer industry. Keeping pace with the rapid 
> evolution of technology, he has aligned his career path with industrial 
> automation, communications, laboratory science etc. finally culminating into 
> advanced biomedical engineering.
> He has travelled extensively both within and outside India and has lived and 
> worked with a vast mixture of cultures and communities. He is elected to 
> Wikimedia India EC in Sep 2012 and currently serves as a Member
> At present, he is living in his home town in Kerala, occasionally travelling, 
> spending most of his time voluntarily for social causes and the Wikipedia 
> movement.
> E-Mail: viswaprabha [at]
> Wikipedia+: User: ViswaPrabha
> We are confident that under the new EC's leadership Wikimedia Movement and 
> Chapter in India will grow to greater heights in the year to come. We request 
> you all to extend the support and actively engage with Wikimedia India to 
> achieve the vision of sharing free knowledge with  every one for building a 
> Knowledge Society.
> Please join me in wishing the new team all success.
> Cheers
> Arjuna Rao Chavala
> President,Wikimedia India
> Jan 2011 - Oct 2012
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