Since 2009, most of Tamilnadu is facing a power crisis. It started with few
hours of power cut. For the last few months, it has gone up to *18 to 20
hours of unscheduled power cut every single day. *Only Chennai city is
exempted with a 2 hour power cut. Government is not sure when the crisis
will be resolved. It could be next year or it could take few more years.

What this means for the growth of Wikimedia expansion in Tamilnadu?

Every single contributor in Tamilnadu that  I talk to are *unable to
contribute to their full capacity* because of the power cuts. I fear that
this may be a *bigger concern in attracting new contributors*. When there
is only few hours of power left, other major concerns like work and study
will be given priority. There won't be much time for hobbies and forget
geeky activities like Wikipedia editing. This is a *major blow* given the
fact that computer and internet usage was increasing in the last few years.

How is the power situation in other states?

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