A Day Spent well.

The Wikipedia Women Workshop which took place on November, 4th 2012 in
Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT), Wadala was indeed a

The people who volunteered in organizing this workshop were Bishakha
Datta, Moksh Juneja, Karthik Nadar, Pranav Curumsey, Pradeep Mohandas,
Anshuman Fotedar, Aditi Juneja, Harriet Vidyasagar, Nikita Belavate,
Netra Parikh, Noopur Raval, Netha Hussain.  All discussions and
planning done while organizing this workshop for women paid off. In
all, 70+ women participants attended the workshop.

The workshop started with a short introduction after which, wasting no
time, the women participants moved on to learning how to edit
Wikipedia which was though by the present on ground volunteers. The
participants were were divided in groups and every group had to create
a new article which wasn't already available on Wikipedia. In the
process, women interacted with the volunteers, asked question
regarding Wikipedia. Every group at least had added introduction to
the new article.

Having done with the basic editing, a general presentation on
Wikipedia was given by some of the volunteers. This was followed by
question and answers regarding the same. By this time, it was already
1.30pm, so the lunch was announced. After having lunch, the
participants got back to their seats. Pretty much everybody stayed
back post lunch. Moksh continued with teaching how to edit Wikipedia.
This time it wasn't it in groups though. "References" and "Notability"
were the main topics that were covered in this session.

Anshuman and Karthik then proceeded  with teaching photo uploads on
Wikipedia. Quiz was conducted towards the end and Wikipedia-Tshirts
were given as prizes for giving right answers. Karthik, then also
showcased the winning images of Wiki Loves Momunents 2012 India. The
long day came to an end with an overwhelming response and a call for
organizing many such activities. The feedback received was positive.
The participants enjoyed the workshop.

We are thankful to everybody who made this event a great one. Thanks
to all the volunteers. Special thanks to Moksh and Karthik who went
out of the way to get everything arranged before hand at the venue, to
Netha and Noopur for making it to the workshop and for working hand in
hand with the Mumbai Community, to Srikanth Ramakrishnan who
constantly stayed in touch for online help.

Special thanks to whole Vidyalankar team. Vishwas Deshpande, Founder
of Vidyalankar, who gave us an opportunity to to do the Mumbai's first
Wiki Workshop for Women at Vidyalankar. Milind Tadvalkar (Director)
and Seema Shah (Principal), Jayprakash Kurmi and Vivek and the
complete IT Team at VIT, Mahesh from Canteen for an awesome Pav Bhaji
for Lunch. Another thanks to Netra Parikh, for giving us enough place
at her office, Pinstorm, for all out pre-meetings. Thanks to all.

Krutikaa Jawanjal

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