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>  Momentum would always be there. Indian community should start some
> project, which then the world to follows us. That achievement would be very
> proud-ful :)

Agreed. Why don't you or someone in the new class of 2012 take up that
initiative? Pick an area of interest - Bollywood, Indian music, Cricket,
Food, Fashion, anything really, and create some project around it. Build a
catalog of Indian movies, songs, find or upload old music in public domain,
century old pictures of India (you won't believe how many are just lying
around). There is a dearth of India related media and information on
commons and Wikipedia.

I'll help you set up everything else, help with things like pages on Meta,
centralnotice, grant, promotion, I'll help in any way I can, and when I
can't, I'll try and find you someone who can. Don't worry about the 'how'
of it, just do what you like.

This offer isn't limited to anyone, it's extended to anyone else reading
this. Pick whatever interests you, and start something!

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