Reminder for language engineering meetup tomorrow. Please attend and get to
know more on language engineering tools.

There is also a tech talk by Erik Moeller on Monday @ CIS.

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Hello all,

The Wikimedia Language Engineering team[1] invites Indic wikipedians and
people who are interested in language support for their wikiprojects for a
meetup with us. Language teams are Wikimedia community members with a
common interest (compare with SIG) to help improve, provide feedback and
help educate our language communities of readers and editors about
Wikimedia software enhancements and tools built by the langauge engineering
team. This meetup is to get a face-to-face introduction to language
technologies available on the Wikimedia websites and learn more about how
to best use these. We will be in Pune[2] on the 4th November and
Bangalore[3] on 11th November. (For a change a Bangalore Wikimeetup can be
held in a different part of city :)). Please sign up on the page, looking
forward to meeting you and working together on improving language support :)



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