Apology: I am not from Indus Valley and not even a north Indian; I don't know whether I am allowed to write here. ;-) Anyway I am posting because this may affect so many languages, including those "True Indian" Indus Vally languages. :-p

Dear Friends,

I have seen extensive development in ULS, and it is live in translatewiki.net. It is a kind of joined form of Narayam and Webfonts, and intended to provide easy access to any users including new users in non-Latin wikies. It looks like sooner or later will reach our wikies.

I agree that Narayam and Webfonts need some UI love, but even with that fact, they are easily understandable and usable. Atleast to me, ULS is no ullas. It is complex and UI is too confusing. For eg, you may need to enable keymap on each text area before typing in your language. I switched myself to IBus, just for convenience.

I hope I am wrong, but I urge others to check ULS and report problems find by you. Doing so, it is possible to make it atleast usable. :-)


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