From my experience in ULS, I feel that entire select language section need not to be visible, on first click. One can assume user need two fonts (one for user language and one for default wiki language), and easily servable. Two links beside the map is problematic and confusing. I would like to see some order. When webfonts options available, make the pane completely for webfonts and push ime link down. While clicking ime, push webfonts link down. I don't know much about design testing, but I am sure radical changes in usual pattern always not easy for users. Switching input in Narayam is almost easily guessable, but in ULS you need to look atleast two times.

Last time when I said enabling keyboard for each field is a nuisance, someone told (Srikanth?) me that, it was intuitive and new user thinks about such working.

Input method icon is totally overlapping other elements. I would like to see it inside the text field. If it is a text area, then top right corner (it is a simple div I assume ;-)). Consider the place under the search box (vector skin). Many wikies have special templates which display different items there.

On Wednesday 14 November 2012 06:08:16 PM IST, Amir E. Aharoni wrote:
Hello, Praveen,

Thank you for the comments.

The need to enable the keyboard for each field is a known bug, which
is being taken care of.

The user interface of ULS was tested with many real users, who speak
many languages and who have different levels of experience with
MediaWiki. The Language engineering team's testers found that the
design is quite intuitive and usable. Of course, there may be problems
that we missed. We'd love to hear what other particular problems have
you encountered.

I join you in your call to people to test the ULS in
<>. We want to hear more reports about your
experiences with it. And make some useful translations on the way, too :)

בתאריך 14 בנוב 2012 13:05, מאת "praveenp" <

    Apology: I am not from Indus Valley and not even a north Indian; I
    don't know whether I am allowed to write here. ;-)  Anyway I am
    posting because this may affect so many languages, including those
    "True Indian" Indus Vally languages. :-p

    Dear Friends,

    I have seen extensive development in ULS, and it is live in <>. It is a kind of
    joined form of Narayam and Webfonts, and intended to provide easy
    access to any users including new users in non-Latin wikies. It
    looks like sooner or later will reach our wikies.

    I agree that Narayam and Webfonts need some UI love, but even with
    that fact, they are easily understandable and usable. Atleast to
    me, ULS is no ullas. It is complex and UI is too confusing. For
    eg, you may need to enable keymap on each text area before typing
    in your language. I switched myself to IBus, just for convenience.

    I hope I am wrong, but I urge others to check ULS and report
    problems find by you. Doing so, it is possible to make it atleast
    usable. :-)


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